Mina Leadership


A Few Words from Patric Yumul, President, Mina Group

I truly believe that the quality of service in a restaurant is based on the invisible, the intangible. Service is not the alignment of tables and chairs, nor the polish and sparkle of the glass and silverware. While these elements are important, they are the standard. It is my expectation that these tangible details are executed 100% of the time. Once we have mastered the tangible, we can begin to deliver truly great service.

Great service is reflected in the spirit of the restaurant. It is accomplished through the dedication of our staff to care for our guests in a gracious, humble, sincere manner. Our restaurants can only achieve great service by understanding that we are here to serve and accommodate guests. Every single member of the team has to truly embrace the spirit of hospitality and have a sincere desire to please each and every guest who enters our four walls. This sentiment is the intangible that we must embrace. This is the tangible that cannot be quantified on a piece of paper, but inly felt by the energy in the room and seen on the faces of our guests. Great service is our ability to put smiles on the faces of our guests and make them feel even better than they did before they enter our doors.

A Few Words from Raj, Sommelier, Mina Group

There is always an urge, a passion, to find perfection in the business you are in and I do not think I will ever stop.

Being a sommelier is not my job. It’s my life. From the moment I wake up each day, there is never a time when I am not thinking about wine. Tasting wine, talking about wine, thinking about food and cooking, making reservations for guests, pouring over sales figures—I enjoy every minute of it.

Wine changed my life. It captures every element of what’s happening today culturally and socially, as well as what I find intellectually inspiring. I have met all of my closest friends through wine and on every great occasion, we celebrate with wine.

It is important to disregard labels and taste with your heart rather than your head. Wine has soul. That’s what we recognize when tasting blind. It’s not just the code of the samurai.