Professional Development & Education


We take great pride in introducing you to something called MINA Recipe Exchange which sets us apart from everyone else in the industry.

MINA Recipe Exchange is a proprietary repository system that serves as the focal point for MINA Group’s Menu and Recipe information for both our FOH and BOH team members. Each restaurant’s section of MINA Recipe Exchange provides a wide array of information including, but, not limited to: a digital version of their menu, complete with seasonal recipes, photos, detailed food descriptions, allergy warnings, and beverage pairings. There are videos for preparing and plating dishes and information regarding ways to present and discuss menu items with our guests. It is carefully established for each restaurant’s team to study in detail. This level of detail and consistency is one of the advantages that only MINA Group employees have access to.

MINA Recipe Exchange serves as a personal development tool and also allows us to benefit from best practices across the country and most importantly improve our guests’ experiences each and every day.

Recipe Exchange is a unique and compelling MINA Group feature that helps define our culture and differentiates us from anyone else as it sets us up for employees to understand our exacting nature and our expectations surrounding consistency and precision within our family of restaurant concepts.