San Francisco

Delivery & Pickup Order Here

PABU, Tokyo Hot Chicken and Bourbon Burger Bar

101 California Street, 415.535.0184

Lunch Daily: 10:30AM-3PM

Dinner Daily: 4PM-9PM


MINA Family Kitchen and International Smoke 

301 Mission Streeet, 415.722.2138

Lunch Daily:  11AM-2:30PM (International Smoke only)

Dinner Daily:  3:30PM-9PM

Designated Parking pick up  at 301 Mission (Biele St. entrance)



Outer San Francisco Neighborhoods and Greater Bay Area


Daily – 11AM-2:30PM/3:30PM – 9PM

Our San Francisco delivery area is within six miles of our pick up locations at 301 Mission Street or 101 California Street.

For orders beyond this area, please call 415.722.2138 or email orders@minafamilykitchen.com. We also accept orders up to two weeks in advance. We look forward to serving you!

© 2019 Marc Fiorito // Gamma Nine Photography

The goal of our MINA Family Kitchen is to feed our immediate restaurant family, the people in our industry, and our larger community. This is the time to nourish ourselves and to take care of one another.


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