Employee Testimonials


Pastry Chef Veronica Arroyo, Bourbon Steak San Francisco

I am proud that I get a chance to be my best everyday. I am proud that I am able to be pushed forward by some of the best culinary talents in the industry and that I get to show people that food can be exciting, comforting, and beautiful all in the same moment.

My personal approach and beliefs fit well within the culture of Mina Group. Passion, Precision, and innovation for the benefit of our patrons is a shared vision. Working for the Mina Group helps to validate daily my perception of what hospitality should be. Mina Group provides for its clients the way I’ve always believed it should be done.

Catherine Yoo, Bourbon Steak Washington DC

I am most proud about working in Bourbon Steak because of the people that I am surrounded with everyday. Each person is extremely passionate for the industry, starting with the kitchen, to the bar team, to the servers. They are always looking for continuous learning, and this contagious passion gives off a good spirit throughout the restaurant. Thanks to our diversity, each person in this restaurant has such an amazing background and story they carry with them. It is always incredible to hear their travels and how they got to where they are now.

I enjoy working for Mina Group because I feel like I work with an extended family that consistently values its employees. They push everyone to work harder and for continued learning, but they are able to balance it by knowing when to have fun. We are continually encouraged to provide input and suggestions and help build an environment we feel truly invested in. Whenever I meet a Mina Group employee, there is a certain level of connection due to the “family” atmosphere that has been created.

Anibal Macias, Bourbon Steak Miami

I am most proud of the unique connection we have between our staff and our guests.

I have been very lucky to work at seven different Michael Mina restaurants. This connection was evident the first time I walked into Bourbon Steak Miami. The demonstration of care from our staff to guests, and vice versa, is what makes this place wonderful. This is thanks to the genuine hard work our team members put forth along with the multicultural aura Miami brings. The result of this is a connection is something I am most proud of.

The Mina Group has allowed me to continue my hospitality education. I am paid while I continually learn, I’m constantly shown the meaning of dedication, the value of hard work and discipline, and I never stop feeling a sense gratitude. However, The Mina Group is more than just that. The Mina Group is family to me. So, the question shouldn’t be “why do I work for the Mina Group” but rather “why wouldn’t I work for them?”

Ron Bonifacio, PABU San Francisco

I currently work at RN74 and will be joining the team at Pabu SF this summer. As for working at RN74, I’m extremely proud to be part of the opening team. To this day, I am still amazed by our incredible wine list that our Sommelier team has put together and the brilliant sommeliers that are so dedicated to mastering Burgundian wine. I am proud that we are part of a strong family within the Mina Family Tree. We are loyal, hard- working and always expanding to new cities around the US. When I see people within the organization grow, it makes our group stronger.

I work for the Mina Group because I believe in our brand. Chef Michael Mina still has people within our group that have been here since the beginning. I believe in the work hard, play hard lifestyle. We need to surround ourselves with the most dedicated and devoted people. I believe in genuine hospitality, and that it will help me be successful in my profession. I love coming to work to a team that are true professionals in hospitality and who are food and wine experts. When we have a day off we spend it on things we love – being with our families, traveling, eating great food, watching sports or enjoying what our cities have to offer. Our brand offers all of that and supports it.

Andrew McLaughlin. General Manager, Bourbon Steak Arizona

The thing that I am the most proud of here at Bourbon Steak Scottsdale is our current front and back of the house teams. All too often in our industry there is a disconnect between the kitchen staff and the service staff and in my opinion is one of the great disservices to the overall guest experience. Chef Chris and his team are very approachable and eager to be of help to any of the staff and are excited to come out onto the floor to engage with guests. With that being said, the front of the house team is constantly looking for tips and techniques to better their style of service. The service staff is constantly soliciting kitchen tours for guests or ice cream tasting for the kids in the kitchen and the chefs are happy to do so. Its really great to see such fluid teamwork from the staff in its entirety.

I work for the Mina Group for a number of reasons but I have a couple that come to the front of my mind . First is the attention for the details and the unwillingness to compromise them. In my opinion, it is the details that separate the good from the best and it has always been that like minded approach to hospitality that attracted me to the Mina Group from the start of my career with them. Second is the idea that if you are willing to put in the time and effort towards growth within the Mina Group you will be groomed and supported for advancement to achieve the personal goals that you have set for yourself. It is with humility that I can say I am a perfect example of someone who has been given that opportunity.

Chef Tony Schutz, PUB 1842

I am most proud of how the staff of the restaurant came together during the opening of Pub 1842. There was a tough road ahead of everyone, they all worked very hard, and at the end of the day everyone pulled together and made it a great restaurant. The staff works together like a fine oiled machine in the kitchen, dining room, and behind the bar. None of them really knew what to expect going into the opening, but in the end, they did everything they could to make this the place that it is. I could not be more proud.

I enjoy working with the Mina Group because there is great potential for growth within the group. It’s great working with a corporate team that is so knowledgeable as well. It’s nice to work with a company that is very food focused and very detail orientated. Chef Mina is directly involved with all the restaurants, and I feel that by working alongside Chef Mina we are not following trends, but setting them.